Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data and the process of applying those patterns towards effective decision making.


Why do Analytics

Revenue Growth

Competitive Edge

Decrease Costs

Future Planning

Analytics helps in increasing the understanding of the business. It plays a crucial role in formulating business strategies and operations and helps make smarter decisions.

Business today accumulate huge amounts of data from business operations, customer/client interactions, digital platforms, sensors and devices etc. We at Leotics Consulting help our clients in using this data effectively for their commercial gains. We provide solutions, strategies & insights from data that leads to a sustainable advantage.

Clifton Heritage USA increased their MROI by 6% using our marketing analytics services

Popular Trading Company identified their most profitable consumer segment using our customer analytics services

Our Analytics Services

Business Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Customer Analytics

What we do

With data and analytical techniques, we create models that help the businesses to achieve their objectives. We create metrics to monitor the business performances. These models & metrics are created using machine learning, artificial intelligence and/or advanced analytics. It helps in generating richer insights, greater accuracy and therefore helps the business to take the right decision in time.

With a combination of these models and insights, we suggest the right strategy for the business to achieve their goals. We help businesses to take data driven decisions and data driven marketing.

On the overall, it helps business increase their Marketing Return on Investment, Better Understand Consumer Behaviour, Sentiment Analysis, Cross Buying Probability, Customer Lifetime Value etc.

We also do data analysis for our clients and create dashboards for a better understanding.

To list down a few areas of application of our services to help you stay ahead of the game.

Industries Served

Retail – Online & Offline

Supply Chain

Web & Digital


Consumer Behaviour

Export / Import

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