Google Images – “Licensable” Badge in Image Search [New Feature]

There is an immense increase in eCommerce sales due to the pandemic. The number of eCommerce website visitors and sales have attained their all time high during these times compared to the previous period.

Note only there was an increase in value but also in the number of visitors. You can check out the same in the report by adobe and statista.

Earlier during the pandemic we saw Google promoting the eCommerce wave. A number of websites which hosted products, services were added for free to the google products and shopping.

After that, the latest feature that Goggle adds is the “Licensable” badge in image search. This feature can help reduce accidental image theft and increase revenues for image owners.

The image search results of Google will now indicate whether an image can be licensed for use in the search page itself. This feature was in beta stage and began testing in February 2020.

The badge is displayed on all the images where the licensing information is provided by the image owner or publisher. If you select an image which is marked as “Licensable”, then in the preview section you can find the link from where you can purchase or license the image for your use.


Usage Rights Filter

The options under the image search filter “Usage Rights” have been updated with this new feature. All the previous options have been removed and are updated with the following options

  1. Creative Commons licenses
  2. Commercial & other licenses
Current Usage Rights Options
Old Usage Rights Options

Licensable Markup

Support for structured data to power the badge and search console features for licensable markup has been added by Google.

You can use schema.org formats to be eligible for the licensable badge. To know more about how can you add this markup to your images, you can go through these Google Documents.

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