Hostinger Pricing: How Much Does The Hosting Plans Really Cost?

Hostinger is well known for its Dirt Cheap Pricing. The plans are priced very low, they offer amazing features and still the performance is at par with other major web hosting providers such as Bluehost, SiteGround etc.

Hostinger is one the big names in web hosting industry. It has over 29 million users across 178 countries. The company uses cloud web hosting technology and provides hosting with MySQL, FTP and PHP. It is a parent company of 000Webhost, Niagahoster and Weblink.

If you are a small business, blogger, enterprise or a person in need of a website, you are in the right place. We will outline the needs of every type of user to help you find the perfect plan that meets your needs.

The question that comes to the mind, Is it really that cheap? Is it reliable?

We will answer these for you and compare to see exactly how much does Hostinger hosting costs and is it really reliable.

Try out hostinger without worries, if you do not like it you can use the 30 Days Money back Guarantee and get your refund. Click on the link below to visit Hostinger.

Hostinger pricing of plans starts from $0.99 and goes up to $250.00. They offer plans that suit the needs of a beginner to an advanced level user. From a blog website to an e-commerce website, they offer plans for all.

Plans offered by Hostinger;

  • Shared Web Hosting – $0.99 to $3.99
  • Cloud Hosting – $7.45 to $37.00
  • WordPress Hosting – $2.15 to $14.95
  • VPS Hosting – $3.95 to $29.95
  • Minecraft Hosting – $8.95 to $29.95
  • Windows VPS – $26.00 to $250.00

*All prices are on per month basis.

We clearly see the dominance of Hostinger in terms of pricing, no competition comes close. The real question here is what do you actually pay? Yes, we are talking about up-sells or what we call true price?

A true price is what actually pay for the services or products and not what is shown to you as the price of the services or products.

Let’s have a look at true pricing of Hostinger according to the plans.

Shared Web Hosting

Hostinger Shared Hosting starts from $0.99 and goes up to $14.95 per month. The WordPress Hosting plans offered by Hostinger are also shared hosting. We will cover them in WordPress Hosting plans.

As the name says it all, “shared”. In this hosting plan, the resources are shared among various other users.

The best part of these plans are

  • They are cheaper
  • Websites are small or scaling

The sad part is

  • Some other website on the same resources can be using more of the server and thereby impacting your website performance.

Hostinger offers 3 sub plans in shared web hosting. They are currently priced as follows,

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting PlansInitial PriceRenew Price
Single$0.99 / Month$9.99 / Month
Premium$2.89 / Month$10.99 / Month
Business$3.99 / Month$15.99 / Month

Hostinger pricing of shared hosting is the lowest and these are the most economic plans. They have been able to price the initial plan as low as $0.99, because the remaining essential features are available as up sells.

The same is however not true for the business plan in shared hosting. The true price is $3.99, that is what you pay in the end (includes daily backups & CloudFlare protection).

In the Single shared plan, the price shown is $0.99 but in reality, if you take daily backups and cloufdlare protection, the true price comes to $2.15 per month.

In such a case, we recommend the WordPress Starter plan, it has more features, more storage space, can host more websites and the staging tool might also be available soon on this plan.

The table describes what is the true price of the shared hosting plans.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting PlansInitial PriceTrue Price
Single$0.99 / Month$2.15 / Month
Premium$2.89 / Month$4.04 / Month
Business$3.99 / Month$3.99 / Month

The above prices include cloudflare protection and daily backups excluding all the free features.

This clearly shows that in shared hosting, the best value plan is “Business” plan.

Instead of “Single” plan of shared hosting, you will get more benefits in the WordPress Starter plan in the same price.

WordPress Hosting

This is similar to the shared hosting plan, infact the servers are shared among different websites but the benefit of WordPress Hosting is that they have better features and plan composition.

The WordPress Hosting plans are completely optimised for wordpress and therefore, it is designed to meet the needs of a wordpress site. The features of the plan and other benefits which makes the plan more desirable.

If you are running a wordpress site then you should consider this option as Hostinger has different servers for wordpress websites and they are pre-configured with security measures.

Some features you get with WordPress Hosting

  • More storage
  • Optimised servers
  • Pre-configured security measures
  • Can host up to 300 websites
  • Trained wordpress professionals
  • Free Domain
  • All the other features of Shared Hosting

These make the hosting plan even more desirable.

WordPress Hosting has three sub plans;

  1. WordPress Starter – $2.15 / month
  2. WordPress Premium – $7.45 / month
  3. WordPress Business – $14.95 / month

Let’s have a look at the true prices of the wordpress hosting plans.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting PlansInitial PriceTrue Price
Single$2.15 / Month$3.31 / Month
Premium$7.45 / Month$7.45 / Month
Business$14.95 / Month$14.95 / Month

The above prices include cloudflare protection and daily backups excluding all the free features.

The premium and the business plans are the best deal. The true price is the same as you see on the screen and therefore we recommend them.

If you are planning to go with Shared Hosting plan with your wordpress website, then we strongly recommend you to go for WordPress Starter plan.

The reason why you do not see us widely recommending WordPress Hosting is due to the cloud hosting of Hostinger itself. You will soon find that out below.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the next step where you do not share any resources with someone else. All the resources you pay for are only utilised by your website(s).

Your website is hosted using the cloud technology and therefore, they have certain advantages,

  • Website loads and operates with a much greater efficiency.
  • Quick load time.
  • Scale-able and immune to server hardware issues.

Hostinger offers 3 sub plans in Cloud Hosting.

Cloud Hosting PlansInitial PriceRenew Price
Startup$7.45 / Month$15.90 / Month
Professional$14.95 / Month$31.80 / Month
Global$37.00 / Month$80.00 / Month

You can avail a free domain with any of the cloud plans.

Cloud hosting is best suited when

  • Your website is large and you need dedicated resources.
  • The website(s) have a major dependency on the security aspect. In such, cases traffic may not be high but security alone could be a compelling reason.
  • Time is of essence. A downtime of your website can cost you a loss of revenue and in such cases you would consider dedicated resources and definitely not shared resources.
  • E-commerce stores, blogs, websites where data is refreshed very often and has huge traffic.

The major difference between the plans is the amount of dedicated resources. Prices are based on the resources availed and therefore the difference in price.

If you need more/less resources you can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. The customer support helps and carries it out for you with ease.

There is just one limitation,

  • No Customisation – In such cases, you know the amount resources you might need. Sometimes the plan may be not the perfect fit and therefore an option of customisation could be a saviour here.

The reason why do no recommend much of WordPress Hosting is the pricing of cloud hosting and the features you get.

If you are considering wordpress premium plan or above just go for cloud hosting. It is far more better than shared hosting plans.


VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

A VPS or a Virtual Private Server is an intermediate offering between a Shared Hosting and a Dedicated Server Hosting. A single server is divided into multiple private servers which are leased.

A dedicated server does have a huge cost and limitations of its own, a vps does seem as a handy solution.

This is best suited when

  • You have an eCommerce store that needs more resources for high traffic and complex operations.
  • Developer to run your own applications and operations.
  • Website in need of additional resources but not as much as a dedicated server.

These serve as cost effective and quick solution. Hostinger offers multiple types of vps hosting plans but they do not have any dedicated server hosting.

The vps hosting is based either on Windows or Linux. Hostinger does offer both the variations and also they have minecraft vps hosting.

Hostinger uses cloud hosting technology for virtual private servers. This is the latest technology and therefore ensures you a great up time and failure chances are minimal.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting offers up to

  • 8 vCPUs
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth of 8000 GB
  • Price ranging between $3.95 per month to $29.95 per month

Windows VPS Hositng

Windows vps hosting offers up to

  • 16 GB Memory
  • 4 Cores
  • 400 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth of 7000 GB
  • Price ranging between $26.00 per month to $ 250.00 per month

These are some of the very powerful solutions to host your website and gives you much more flexibility than shared hosting.


Hostinger Performance

We see that the pricing of Hostinger is dirt cheap comapred to SiteGround or Bluehost etc. If you are thinking if it is reliable? Then you are not the only one. At such pricing, a number of people have that question.

Hostinger is really fast and reliable web hosting company. It has more than 29 Million users across 1780 countries. They have up time of 99.99% and a load time of 410 ms. A mutli-lingual support team that solves your query within 5 minutes.

Up Time

It is very important that your website is accessible to your visitors. No matter how wonderful or awesome website you have, if it not accessible or is facing down time, it is of not much use.

You always want to make sure that your website is accessible and your servers are up and running all the time. This in reality, is very difficult if not impossible.

With Hostinger we have seen an average up time of 99.998%. This is exceptional performance.

Hostinger guarantees 99.9% service up time. On account of default a compensation of 5% of the monthly hosting fee will be credited for that month. This is mentioned in hostinger terms of use.

Load Time

Load Time is the time required to load your website. This is a very important metric. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it may increase your bounce rate drastically.

This can impact your organic search engine rankings. You definitely want a web host that loads your website very very fast.

We tested by loading a blank website and the host just performs extremely well. The average load time is 420 ms, which is extremely fast.

We also tested the website on bitcacha to see how fast does the Hostinger server respond. You can see the results in the image below,

The Hostinger shared hosting server received a rating of “A+”. It is very surprising that in US, Canada, Australia, the response time is as close to 1 ms.

This is possible as Hostinger has data centres in US, UK, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia and India.

Using Cloudflare CDN you can enable your website to load at exceptional speeds, nobody likes waiting. This is the reason why we have considered it in calculating “True Price” of all the plans.

Our Final Verdict

Despite the fact, that Hostinger does have up sells in some of the plans and thereby they show a lower cost at first, it is still by far one of the cheapest, best performing and reliable web hosting service providers.

We recommend Hostinger as it has plans for beginners as well as advance level websites hosting. The support team is really good and quick.

At the current level of pricing, it is very difficult to find such web hosting plans and features backed by a history of amazing performance.

You can check out our detailed review of Hostinger and its Refund Policy on the links below;

Try out hostinger without worries, if you do not like it you can use the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and get your refund. Click on the link below to visit Hostinger.

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Hostinger Domains

Hostinger also offers domain hosting and transfer services. We do not prefer hostinger for doamins.

You can check the table below where we have compared the price of a “.com” domain between Hostinger, Google Domains & Namecheap.

Web HostDomain Price
Google Domains$12.00

The above prices are for a “.com” domain with privacy protection for 1 year. We can clearly see that Namecheap stands out.

As you know, a domain can be pointed to any web host, we recommend and prefer using Google Domains and Namecheap for buying and transfer of domains.

Some of the important pages on Hostinger that can help you decide better.

If you use our coupon code and links to purchase from Hostinger, we may get a commission and you will receive discounts and benefits of Hostinger Hosting Plans.

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Use our coupon and stand a chance to avail a discount up-to 95% on Hositnger Hosting Plans

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