A2 Hosting Review – Is It Really That Fast & Reliable?

A2 Hosting, the major reason that we decided to review this web hosting is for its very bold claims. It claims to be Up To 20X Faster Web Hosting, High Powered Web Hosting. So we decided to put through a test and review the web hosting to find out, is it really true what they claim.

We were surprised with the results, the price and features combo was completely mind boggling. We will discuss this further in the blog. 

According to us, a web host is very crucial and one should choose it wisely. There are certain things that you should look for in a web host, don’t worry we take care of that for you here. We evaluated the web host on the following parameters:

  • Pricing & Hosting Plans
  • Features
  • Up Time
  • Load Time
  • Customer Support

Before we get into a details of all of the above, here is a pros and cons analysis for you. This will help you understand what makes A2 Hosting so different from others and what are the things it lacks.


  • It is really FAST (load time 315 ms)
  • Free SSL Certificate & CloudFlare CDN
  • Unlimited SSD Storage 
  • Free Site Migration (1 to 25 based on plans)
  • Perpetual Security (Free HackScans Protection)
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • Green Web Hosting


  • High renewal rates
  • Automatic Backups & Turbo features available on higher plans
  • Server Up Time – 99.95%


Use our coupon and stand a chance to avail a discount up-to 55%  on A2 Hosting Plans

Yes, we do recommend A2 Hosting. 

A2 Hosting offers an amazing load time and a considerable up time. It has plans and pricing as similar to the competitors but have packed up some really good features. The turbo features sets the web host apart.

It is a great choice for a blog or business website. You can have quick load time and great user experience. There is a free site migration, SSL Certificate and other features that really make it count. Their performance over the past few years has been consistent but we do see a dip in server up time which can be problematic. 

The pros and cons are discussed in detail below.

If you have used A2 Hosting, we request you to share your experience in the comments below. Be it positive or negative it can help other site visitors. Thanks for your support.

A2 Hosting was initially a start up relaunched in the year 2003. It is head quartered in Ann Arbor. One of the few companies who offer a complete green hosting, that is environment friendly. There are a number of initiatives taken by A2 Hosting to preserve the environment. 

They have data centers in 4 locations

  • Arizona
  • Michigan
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore

Pricing & Hosting Plans

There are 5 different types of hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting to meet your needs. The company talks about really fast and reliable hosting. This is what everyone wants, extremely fast and reliable hosting. With these features, let’s check out how budget friendly they are?

A2 Hosting also offers green hosting, that means it uses renewable energy for its servers and operations. This makes price as a crucial factor because we know that renewable energy is a sort of luxury. The five hosting plans offered are:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Reseller Hosting
  5. Dedicated Hosting

They also offer domain service where you can check the availability and buy the domain name of your choice.

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting offered is green hosting. The shared hosting has further 3 sub offerings. It is one of the widely used, feature packed plans offered by A2 Hosting.

Lite – It is the basic plan of all the plans. It is priced at $3.92 and renews at $7.99. You can host only 1 website on it but has the suite of free and unlimited features attached with it. 

Swift – It is the most popular shared hosting plan. Priced at $4.90 per month, the renewal price goes up to $9.99 per month. All the features of basic, which are in itself amazing, along with additional performance enhancing features is what you get. Just to name a few, Free Automatic Backups, Unlimited Websites etc.

Turbo – It is the most feature packed plan of all. The turbo features make the websites load at turbo speed. A2 Hosting claims it to be 20 times faster. It has a promotional price of $9.31 per month and renews at $18.99 per month. If you can have your website(s) load at a very high speed, nothing like it. The user experience gets way better and therefore, the price becomes acceptable.

By far, these the plans offered under shared hosting and it is packed with a lot of features. Some of the features common to all the plans are,

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited SSD Storage & Transfers
  • Free Site Migration
  • 99.9% Up Time Guarantee
  • Website Staging
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Anytime Money back Guarantee

On seeing the features, offered in all the plans it does make quiet an offering. We will discuss all these features in detail under the features section.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a most widely used platform for making websites. This plan helps boost your wordpress experience. There come certain features pre-loaded that you might need on your wordpress website. The plan is further divided into two categories, 

  • Shared WordPress
  • Managed WordPress

Shared WordPress – It has all the features and plans which are exactly similar to shared hosting plans. The plans are of the same name as of shared hosting, that is Lite, Swift & Turbo. Pricing & features are the same too.

Managed WordPress – We do not see much of a difference between the shared plans and shared wordpress hosting plans. However, the managed wordpress plans makes a lot of difference when compared with the shared plans. It is further divided into 3 plans

  • 1-Site
  • 3-Site
  • Unlimited

Majority of the features are the same but there are some note-able differences in features and pricing. 

All the plans are Turbo Optimised, Powered by Plesk Control Panel instead of cPanel, Free Jetpack Personal License. These additional features backed by a team of experts is what becomes available to you. With features remaining the same across all plans, the only thing they use to up sell, is the number of sites covered and storage space.

1-Site plan comes at a promo price of $11.99 per month and renews at $ 24.46 per month. The storage space is limited to 10 GB.

3-Site plan comes at a promo price of $18.99 per month and renews at $38.75 per month. The storage offered in this plan is 25 GB.

Unlimited plan comes at a promo price of $36.98 per month and renews at $75.48 per month. The benefit of this plan is that you can host unlimited websites in your storage space of 40 GB.

VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting offers a unique vps hosting plan. It charges you on the basis of access and features that you use. It has plans divided as unmanaged, managed and core. 

You do get a bunch of features to help you start and scale, you pay for the resources you use and the level of management. It has wide range of plans starting from $5 per month to $50 per month.

You get a wide pool to choose from, the customised resources and management access that you choose, determines your cost. In simple terms, pay for the level of resources used.

Reseller Hosting

The Reseller Hosting plans has all the features like, Free SSL & SSD, WHM Control Panel, Free Billing Software, Free eNom Reseller Account, Turbo Option etc. A2 Hosting offers 4 plans, they are

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The prices of the plans range from $9.80 per month for Bronze to $30.38 per month for Platinum. The variation in pricing is caused by storage and transfer limits. Storage ranges from 30 GB to 200 GB whereas, transfer ranges from 400 GB to 2000 GB.

Dedicated Hosting

Similar to vps hosting, dedicated hosting also offers a pool of choice. You can choose the amount of resources you need and choose the plan accordingly. Dedicated hosting offers a price range starting from $99.59 per month to $290.49 per month. 

All the plans do come packed with a ton of features with the anytime money back guarantee. You can choose the resources you need and then pay accordingly.


Use our coupon and stand a chance to avail a discount up-to 55%  on A2 Hosting Plans


A2 Hosting does offer a ton of features, the important question is How does it benefit you? Do you need all of them ? How should you use them ?

We do see a lot of free and unlimited features, let’s discuss in detail.

Free SSL Certificate

It is the one thing that you will definitely need. An SSL encryption helps in secured communication between the web browser and web server. It helps keep data of the site visitor secured. This feature has become more of a mandate and it also helps boost your organic search rankings.

Unlimited SSD Storage

One of the really cool feature. Very few websites offer unlimited SSD storage and A2 Hosting is one of them. We all love unlimited features but is it really unlimited? The terms of service states clearly that “unlimited” and “unmetered” is defined by their own experience with similarly situated customers.

It is a very grey area as there are no specific boundaries laid out or a clear limit description. Anyways, you do need to be cautious as they have the right to remove immersible materials from the servers at their sole discretion without notice. Well, the terms of service does state this and you can check it too by clicking here.

Free Site Migration

As a part of promotion, A2 Hosting provides a free website migration service. the customer service executives help you to migrate your website from another host to A2 Hosting.

In the shared plans you receive only 1 site migration for free. There is a small thing to take note of here, if your previous host does not provide or have cPanel, then a site migration charge may be levied.

In Reseller, dedicated & Managed VPS hosting plans, you receive 25 free site migrations. The note in the previous paragraph also follows here too.

This feature is of most vital importance as many of you might not be coders, but will be able to move your website without much of a hassle using the customer support team.

Unlimited Websites

This feature is available with swift and turbo plans. You can host multiple websites in the same hosting plan. It is a very helpful feature as when you manage or own multiple websites, you can have all of them in one hosting account.

Though unlimited has a definition, which we have provided in the previous features, it does apply here.

99.9% Up Time Guarantee

A number of web hosting companies claim to have an up time pf 99.9% but there are very few who give a guarantee along with it. A2 Hosting is one f them, who guarantee that there servers will have an up time of 99.9%.

If we take the word of A2 hosting, that they will have the said up time but if they fail? We searched up the guarantee clause and this is what we found.

“This commitment is applicable for any unscheduled downtime of your website for more than 0.1% of the total time per month. We will provide a service credit in the amount of 5% of paid fee for the month, for every hour that your website is unreachable due to an internal network or equipment failure. Downtime must be confirmed by a staff member of our support team. Maximum service credit given will be for the full amount paid for the month of outage, excluding any paid fees for additional services. Submit a ticket to request a credit.”

You can check out the policy by clicking here. If you fail to raise the ticket, you might not get anything.

Perpetual Security

We know that websites get hacked daily all around the globe. As a security feature, A2 Hosting offers perpetual security. This provides free HackScan Protection and keeps your website safe.

Free CloudFlare CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. A CDN stores large files on multiple servers in different locations across the globe. This helps to access and load the site faster as the files are now as close as possible to the visitor’s location. So with this, your website loads faster.

Free Automatic Backups

It is a very important feature. You should have a backup of your website to fall back on in-case something goes wrong. A daily backup is therefore an ideal feature. We still do suggest that you should keep an offline backup of your website too.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

This is the most lucrative feature. It gives you a complete sense of relief that you can try the web host and later get refunded if things do not work out well, anytime you like. All the major competitors offer either a 30 days or 45 days money back guarantee, but this is completely different.

It says anytime you can ask for refund, looks very nice, but is it really so. We decided to dig a bit further into this and see if it is really so or not.

Well to our surprise, you can claim a refund anytime but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. They do have an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. The things you need to know for this clause,

  • If you claim a refund within the first 30 days, you can get a refund of the entire period excluding non refundable amounts.
  • If you claim after the first 30 days, a refund is issued on a prorated basis rounded to the next full month. Non refundable items are excluded.

There are non refundable items too,

  • All third party fees, domain registration, site migration, setup fees are non refundable.
  • SSL Certificates have only a 25 days refund window from time of purchase.
  • Free domains are not really free, they cost $14.95 will be deducted but you will retain the domain registration.

So you have the first 25 days to decide whether you want to continue with the service or not for a maximum refund. 


Use our coupon and stand a chance to avail a discount up-to 55%  on A2 Hosting Plans

Up Time

This is one of the most important statistic according to us. No matter how amazing your website is or whatever features your web host provides, it all makes sense only if your website is accessible to your visitors.

We always advice to go for a higher up time as that makes sense. You would not want a host where you do have an amazing website but cannot be accessed by site visitors due to server downtime.

We have witnessed a server up time of 99.95% over the due course. This is a strong up time statistic but could have been better. We have reviewed web hosts that have offered an up time of 99.97% and above. This is still above the industry average and is a good reliable number.

Also, A2 Hosing is among the very few web hosting companies that provide an up time guarantee. It offers a 99.9% Up Time Guarantee. We looked up in the terms and policy to find out more and this is what we found.

“This commitment is applicable for any unscheduled downtime of your website for more than 0.1% of the total time per month. We will provide a service credit in the amount of 5% of paid fee for the month, for every hour that your website is unreachable due to an internal network or equipment failure. Downtime must be confirmed by a staff member of our support team. Maximum service credit given will be for the full amount paid for the month of outage, excluding any paid fees for additional services. Submit a ticket to request a credit.”

You can check out the policy by clicking here. If you fail to raise the ticket, you might not get anything.




315 MS

Load Time

After up time, our second most favourite statistic is the load time. It is very important that your web page should load within the first 3 seconds otherwise almost 53% visitors tend to leave the web page, as per Google.

To be able to rank in the search engine organically, you will need a quick load time. If your web host is slow, it will be very difficult to attain and maintain search rankings. So, we took an average load time to nullify any anomalies.

The average load time is 315 ms. It is really fast. This is the fastest web host that we have reviewed till date. We can also say that the claims made by A2 Hosting for being a very fast host as true. 

You want an amazing loading speed, A2 Hosting is what you should be looking for.

Customer Support

A2 Hosting offers multiple touch points for customer support. You can reach them on

  • Call
  • Live Chat
  • Ticket

They also offer a huge knowledge base which consists of cases that can help you get answers to your problems and queries.

Though the Live Chat is a little slow to connect, but when it does it is smooth and fast. The representative are polite and help you in every step.

The only issue with the live chat is delay in connecting but the rest is really good.

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“If you have had any experience with A2 Hosting, we request you to share it in the comments be it positive or negative – It might hep someone”


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