SiteGround Refund Policy – Steps To Cancel Account and Get Refund

With the strong offering there are still a few shortfalls and that may not be pleasing. It is not necessary that SiteGround may be the perfect fit for you. In such a case you can avail the SiteGround refund policy.

To cancel your SiteGround account or plan and receiving refund is a simple and easy process. You can cancel your SiteGround account in just 5 clicks, check the final refund amount and choose your payment method to receive the compensation, that is all you need to do.

SiteGround offers a 30 Days Money Back Refund Policy for all shared hosting plans and 14 Days refund policy for cloud hosting plans. However, the refund policy does not translate to a 100% refund of the amount paid.

All third party applications, domain related services and SSL Certificates are non refundable. Therefore, there is no chance that the entire amount paid will be refunded. The policy clearly states what is refundable and what is not refundable.

If you have bought a basic web hosting plan, still the refund will not be 100% of the amount that you paid. Charges for SSL Certificates and so on are not refundable.

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SiteGround offers a refund policy and that is your saviour option. You can use this 30 Days Money Back option when you have decided not to go ahead with SiteGround anymore.

There is a small detail which you should not miss, the time frame to claim refund is not 30 days for all the plans. SiteGround refund varies on the basis of plans and services availed. All the plans and services do not have a standard 30 day refund period.

The duration of the money back guarantee is different for the plans. Below is the table which states the number of days before which you have to cancel your plan to get back the money paid.

PlansMoney Back Guarantee
Web Hosting30 Days
WordPress Hosting30 Days
WooCommerce Hosting30 Days
Cloud Hosting14 Days
Reseller Hosting30 Days
Enterprise HostingNo Refund

The policy clearly states 30 days money back but it is not so for all the hosting plans. We can divide the policy in two buckets, one with Refundable items and the other with Non Refundable items.

The table below depicts the refundable and non refundable items. They will discussed in detail.

RefundableNon Refundable
Shared Hosting PlansDomain Name Fees – If availed under any special promotions will be due upon cancellation
Cloud HostingNon Compliance to Terms of Service
Reseller Packages are only covered if the complete package is cancelledDomain Name Registrations
Domain Privacy Fees
Termination of Individual Reseller Account
Renewal Fees – Only if the cancellation is requested within 30 days of renewal and the term has not started. If the renewal term has started then first month fees will be deducted from refund.Paid Support Services
Backup Creation
Backup Restore
Any Third Party Services
Renewal Orders
Dedicated Server Services
SSL Certificates
Tailor-Made Services
Refund Time Period – Within 10 Days (Terms of Service)


SiteGround has a refund policy which is dependent on time. All the time calculations are considered from the date of transaction. So whenever you see something like 30 days, remember it is 30 days from the date of transaction.

The list of services that are refundable is as follows:

  • Shared Hosting Plans have a 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Cloud Hosting has a 15 days money back guarantee.
  • Reseller Packages are only covered if the complete package is cancelled within 30 days and not few individual packages.
  • Renewal Fees – Only if the cancellation is requested within 30 days of renewal and the term has not started. If the renewal term has started then first month fees will be deducted from refund.

Time is of the major essence. You have to decide whether you wish to go ahead with SiteGround or not in 30 days for Shared & Reseller Hosting and 14 days for Cloud Hosting.

You need to be extra cautious of renewal fees. If you miss the time of 30 days, you might not get any refund, we will cover this in the section below.

Non Refundable

There are a number of other services that you need to run your website. The hosting alone is not enough. You never sign up on a plan with the intention of cancelling it in mind, so you do end up buying these additional services.

These are the non refundable services:

  • Termination of Individual Reseller Account
  • Tailor-Made Services
  • Domain Name Registrations
  • Dedicated Server Services
  • SSL Certificates
  • Paid Support Services
  • Backup Creation
  • Backup Restore
  • Any Third Party Services
  • Renewal Orders
  • Domain Privacy Fees
  • Domain Name Fees – If availed under any special promotions will be due upon cancellation
  • Non Compliance to Terms of Service

Well, these are the services that you will not receive any refund upon cancellation.

The renewal orders is to be kept in mind as said earlier.

Moreover you would be curious to know the mode of payments and the duration when you will receive the refund.

SiteGround Refund Payment Options

Once you are decided and initiate your refund process, you will get two options as modes of refund.

  1. SiteGround Wallet
  2. Original Payment Mode

These are the only two methods by which you will receive your refund. You have no other choice or options.

SiteGround Wallet – If you use this option, your amount will be credited to your SiteGround online wallet. This amount you can use to make further purchases on SiteGround only. You cannot use this amount anywhere else. You can use it buy other plans, services or domains on SiteGround.

Original Payment Method – This refers to the payment that you used initially to purchase the said plans or services. It can be either through your bank or credit card etc. When you use this method of refund, your amount will reflect in your card or bank statement.

We always suggest you to choose the original payment method for refund, as you can use your money anywhere you like and will not be bound only to SiteGround.

Time Duration To Receive Refund

SiteGround processes refunds within 10 days and this is mentioned in their terms of service. The terms of service Section 8 contains this information.

Though the time declared by SiteGround in their policy is 10 days to process refund, it still varies on the option that you choose.

SiteGround Wallet – Refund is usually processed within the same hour and you can see the balance reflecting in your online wallet.

Original Payment Method – If you cancel with the option to refund your payment to original method, it will display a message with time frame of 7 to 21 days. In our experience the refund is processed on the same day.

Steps to Cancel Your SiteGround Hosting And Get Refund

You can cancel your SiteGround account by following these simple steps. We advice you to go along the process with us so that you do not miss any step.

Step 1 – Click on Billing tab in User Area

Login to your user area and click on the “Billing” tab. It is an option in the top bar, refer to the image below.


Step 2 – Click on Cancel Services under Billing Navigation

All billing related options and information is available under the “Billing Navigation” tab. It is located on the right side and click on the option “Cancel Services” under this menu.

You can refer to the image below for the same.

Step 3 – Select Services to Cancel

All the services or plans that you have active with SiteGround will be displayed here. Check the box near the service(s) which you want to cancel and then click on “Proceed with Cancellation”.

Step 4 – Select required fields under Cancellation Request then click on Proceed with Cancellation

On this page, select the the options under “When do you want to cancel the services?”. The two options available for you will be “At expiration” and “Immediately”.

If you choose the “Immediately” option, we strongly recommend you have the backup of your website. Your SiteGround hosting plan will get cancelled immediately after you receive the cancellation confirmation.

If you choose the “At Expiration” option, your hosting plan services will get cancelled at the end of the term. If your objective is to get refund, then we suggest you to go ahead with immediate option.

After that you will be asked for a reason for which you want to terminate the service. If there is anything you are unsure about, this is the time you can reach out to customer service and clarify your doubts.

If you have made up your mind, click on “Proceed with Cancellation” button.


Step 5 – Confirm your cancellation and then click on Proceed with Cancellation

You will be asked for a confirmation of the cancellation request. Click on “Proceed with Cancellation” to go to the next step.


Step 6 – Confirm your refund amount, select compensation method and then click on Confirm Cancellation

SiteGround will calculate the refund amount and display it for you. I personally like the transparency of the SiteGround here.

They not only show you the amount that is refundable to you, but give you two options by which you can receive the refund along with the time duration it might take.

If you choose Refund To Wallet as the compensation method, then the refund amount usually starts reflecting in your SiteGround in a matter of few minutes.

If you choose Refund, the compensation amount will be sent to your bank. It usually gets transferred on the same day.

After you have selected the mode of refund, click on “Confirm Cancellation” and with this your SiteGround account will get cancelled.


Step 7 – Receive service / plan cancellation confirmation

You will be able to see a confirmation message in your user area and a confirmation email will be sent to you with all the details of cancellation.


After you have cancelled your hosting plan, your website data is available on SiteGround servers for a maximum of 7 days. You can request for it or renew the cancelled account just in case you happen to change your mind.

Step 8 – SiteGround Account Renewal and Cancel Refund, click on Renew button under My Accounts tab

If you further decide to renew your cancelled account, it is possible with SiteGround.

For account renewal all you need to do is login to your user area and click on “My Accounts” tab. Under it you will see a big green button with “Renew” written on it. Click on the button and your account will get renewed.

SiteGround then re-activates your cancelled service(s).

The links to SiteGround policies from where you can check for the information provided yourself are below:

We always advice you to contact customer service and get your refund amounts verified by them as these terms are subject to change. You can refer to this policy anytime to see the current and updated terms.

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