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SiteGround started in the year 2004, today it is one of the top ten web hosting companies, which is hosting over 2 million domains as of 2019.

This was possible due to sheer dedication of meeting the needs of the customers and technology advancements undertaken by the company from time to time.

SiteGround Hosting offers a variety of plans and customisation options. So, if you are a blogger, business, enterprise or any individual who needs a web hosting space, it is very likely that your needs will be met by either one of the many plans or else you can customise your own. That is really cool.

The web host also states everything up front. No up-sells or hidden charges as such. This is what we love about SiteGround.

We will discuss all the plans offered by SiteGround, what exactly they can be used for and some cool features offered by SiteGround.

Web Hosting

As you know, the company provides a list of preset plans and customisation options in its hosting services. These are the hosting plans offered and we will discuss them in details.

SiteGround offers the following hosting plans

  1. Web Hosting – $6.99 to $14.99
  2. WordPress Hosting – $6.99 to $14.99
  3. WooCommerce Hosting – $6.99 to $14.99
  4. Cloud Hosting – $80 to $2100
  5. Reseller Hosting – $14.99
  6. Enterprise Hosting – Quote 

The most crucial thing that you should know is, SiteGround provides a Money Back Guarantee. Using this you can try the web host services and in case if you don’t like it, you can get your money back.

This guarantee is time bound and therefore you should know the time in hand if you are planning to try them.

PlansMoney Back Guarantee
Web Hosting30 Days
WordPress Hosting30 Days
WooCommerce Hosting30 Days
Cloud Hosting15 Days
Reseller Hosting30 Days
Enterprise HostingNo Refund

Now that you know the time frame you have, we will discuss the plans in detail. If you want to know more about the refund policy you can refer our blog on SiteGround Refund.

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Web Hosting

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Shared Web Hosting Plans Comparison

If your website has modest traffic or you are trying out a concept, then this is probably the right plan for you.

As the word “shared” clearly says it all. The resources in this plan are shared among multiple sites and therefore these plans are cheaper.

Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting and WooCommerce Hosting are all shared hosting plans.

SiteGround hosting plans are priced on the basis of resources used and therefore, the price for these 3 plans is the same. You can check out the pricing of the plans in detail in our SiteGround Pricing blog post.

These plans are further divided into three sub plans namely,

  1. StartUp
  2. GrowBig
  3. GoGeek

StartUp Plan

The StartUp plan is best suited when

  • You are a business and you just need a website to showcase yourself to your customers.
  • A short term or occasion based website with limited traffic. By limited we mean somewhere close to 10,000 visitors a month.
  • You are new to websites and want to start slow. There is always an option to scale with SiteGround.
  • A blog with limited traffic or a new blog.

In such circumstances, startup plan can be the best option for you, besides the fact that it is the cheapest plan available.

This hosting plan does have a few limitations, like no dynamic caching and staging which can make your website load way faster, but the vital limitation is only 1 website can be hosted on it.

Please note that when we say 10,000 visitors or any such counts, it is not hard and fast. It can be more or less than that also. These numbers are just to give an approximate idea.

The table below describes the StartUp plan in detail,

FeaturesStartUp Plan
Price / Month$6.99
Renewal Price / Month$14.99
Storage10 GB
Number of Website1
Free SSLYes
Daily BackupYes
Free CDNYes
Free EmailYes
Free Website TransferNo
Dynamic CachingNo
Web Hosting


From all the shared SiteGround plans, this is the most widely recommended plan. It overcomes the limitation of 1 website in startup plan.

The difference between StartUp and GrowBig is, that it is much faster as it has Dynamic Caching, Staging and also comes with a free website transfer.

This plan is best suited when

  • Your website has a high traffic and you want to scale from the basic plan.
  • You have a website with another host and want a professional to transfer the website for you. Website transfers can get really messy.
  • Business e-commerce websites.
  • You have or want to have multiple websites that can share these resources with each other.

SiteGround hosting plan GrowBig, is the plan for you, when you want to scale. It offers a wider storage capacity and comes with some of the features Siteground is well known for.

The table below describes the GrowBig plan in detail,

FeaturesGrowBig Plan
Price / Month$9.99
Renewal Price / Month$24.99
Storage20 GB
Number of WebsiteUnlimited
Free SSLYes
Daily BackupYes
Free CDNYes
Free EmailYes
Free Website Transfer(s)No
Dynamic CachingYes


Staging helps you to make changes to the websites without affecting the liver version of the site and visitor experience.

Staging creates a non live identical version of the website on your hosting environment. You can run by changes such as themes and see the impact of the same on the duplicate version.

This feature is very useful when you need to change things in your website that impact visitor experience. Imagine the scenario when you are browsing a website and the theme  or the layout suddenly changes.

This can lead to negative visitor experience. We do not say that there are no other ways of doing it, but staging on the same hosting environment saves a lot of time and effort.

If you have ever changed your theme before, you know what we are saying. Changing of theme is a very common example, there are many uses of the staging environment.

Web Hosting


When the GrowBig starts getting short on resources, your next stop can probably be the GoGeek plan. This is the ultimate plan in shared hosting space.

This hosting plan has all you can think of, speed, storage, priority support. Definitely the price is also twice as that of the GrowBig plan.

This SiteGround plan is best suited when

  • Your website is extremely large and has a traffic of more than or close to 100,000 monthly visits.
  • E commerce store or any sort of website with complex operations and you need priority support.
  • If you are a reseller, then this account is the perfect for you as it comes with white label option too.

SiteGround hosting plan GoGeek, does seem very exciting but, if it was me who had to consider, I would definitely check out Hostinger Cloud Hosting instead. You can use our coupons and avail the latest benefits.

You get your own resources, no sharing of resources and 40 GB storage. Just a personal note, I would look forward to Hostinger Cloud option than GoGeek for this particular reason, cost of Hostinger Cloud $7.45 / month and GoGeek Plan $14.99 / month.

For me the bargain is very simple, the price is lower and it is cloud hosting, still you should make your choice and check for what suits you.

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The table below describes the GoGeek plan in detail,

FeaturesGoGeek Plan
Price / Month$14.99
Renewal Price / Month$39.99
Storage40 GB
Number of WebsiteUnlimited
Free SSLYes
Daily BackupYes
Free CDNYes
Free EmailYes
Free Website Transfer(s)No
Dynamic CachingYes
Priority SupportYes
White LabelYes

White Label

If you are reseller, then this feature is for you. The white label feature lets you showcase the hosting space as yours to your clients and you can bill them for the same. Very few hosting companies offer this feature and it is of great value.

SiteGround vs Hostinger vs Bluehost

Now let’s see how SiteGround shared hosting plans stand in comparison with the competitors. Hostinger and Bluehost stand as close competitors and therefore we will compare with them.


Starting with price, the below table will clear the picture for you,

 Shared PlansMin PriceMax Price
SiteGround$6.99 / Month$14.99 / Month
Hostinger$0.99 / Month$3.99 / Month
Bluehost$3.95 / Month$13.95 / Month

Hostinger, definitely has the lowest price offering. They offer 3 plans. The basic plan is the one which you never take, considering the required features to run a website, you will probably end up with the premium or business plan, that is $2.89 or $3.99 / month respectively.

On comparing with Bluehost, it also does offer a number of up sells and is more lenient on storage space. The actual price per month is a bit higher than what you see in the plans (just like Hostinger).

SiteGround, on the other is very clear on the pricing and features. Only one up sell option, which is up to you. Clean and up front, I really like that about them.

The performance of all three is almost the same. Bluehost and Hostinger load faster than SiteGround when compared on default wordpress website. If price is key factor, Hostinger does stand out tall.


The storage capacity offered by Hostinger is the same as SiteGround. Whereas for Bluehost, the basic plan has a storage of 50 GB and the rest have unlimited storage.

Free Domain

Bluehost offers a free domain in all the plans. Hostinger on the contrary, offers in the premium and business plans and SiteGround does not offer any such free domains.

This gives Bluehost and Hostinger an edge over Siteground. They have a price lower or similar with a free domain. If you have to buy a domain it would cost you $14 per year.

Back Up

SiteGround has a free back up on all the plans and Hostinger offers it only in the most expensive plan. Bluehost offers automated back ups on “Choice Plus” and above plans.

Free SSL & CDN

SiteGround offers it in all the plans, but Hostinger offers it only in the most expensive plan. Bluehost offers only Free SSL on all the plans but no word on CDN.

This brings us to the end of shared hosting plans. Now we will go ahead to cloud hosting plans.

Web Hosting

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Cloud Hosting Plans Comparison

Coud hosting is when your website is hosted in the cloud, that means you do not share your resources with others.

The resources that you pay for is only utilised by your websites. This ensures a number of advantages.

  • Website loads and operates with a much greater efficiency.
  • Quick load time.
  • Scale-able and immune to server hardware issues.

SiteGround offers in all 5 sub plans for cloud hosting and the 5th one is our favourite.

  1. Entry
  2. Business
  3. Business Plus
  4. Super Power
  5. Customised Plan

This is a time when your website is large and if you need more resources you update your plan.

This is best suited when

  • Your website is large and you would prefer dedicated resources and not shared.
  • The website(s) have a major dependency on the security aspect. In such, cases traffic may not be high but security alone could be a compelling reason.
  • Time is of essence. A downtime of your website can cost you a loss of revenue and in such cases you would consider dedicated resources and definitely not shared resources. E-commerce stores, blogs, websites where data is refreshed very often.

The best part, customised plan. You can pay as and when you need more resources. A feature that the competitors do not provide as of date.

SiteGround vs Hostinger vs Bluehost

The plans offered by the competitors like Hostinger and Bluehost have a limit to the resources. SiteGround too has limits but there are way more choices for you. This alone is what makes the cloud hosting plans interesting.

The only problem here, is the pricing. SiteGround plans are way more expensive than the competition. By expensive, it is almost 10 times more expensive than that offered by Hostinger. Check it out in the table below,

 Min PriceMax Price
SiteGround Cloud$80 / Month$2100 / Month
Hostinger Cloud$7.45 / Month$37 / Month
Hostinger VPS$26 / Month$250 / Month
Bluehost VPS$19.99 / Month$59.99 / Month

As you can see, the pricing of SiteGround is way higher.

The thing that still makes SiteGround stand out is that you can have up to 32 cores, 128 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD and that is really cool. Neither Hostinger nor Bluehost have this large a plan.

You can use our coupons and avail maximum monetary benefits on all the three web hosts. These are affiliate links and we might earn a commission from a purchase.

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Enterprise Hosting

As we know, the GoGeek plan is the best suited plan for reseller hosting and therefore we won’t be discussing it further.

The Enterprise Hosting is an entire customised offering. This is where, Siteground will design a plan for you, specially to meet your needs.

This is best suited when

  • Your website has complex requirements which are not covered by the above plans.

There are no open pricing as the entire plan is customised and you know the policy now, price on the resources you use.

We review a number of web hosting companies and we have done the same for SiteGround too. To view the complete review click on SiteGround Review.

SiteGround Website Migration

From 20th May 2020, SiteGround updated it’s offerings by adding more of storage space in the GoGeek plan and removing Free Website Migration completely.

The total storage for GoGeek plan is now 40 GB and the free manual website transfer service is now a paid service.

The charges for a manual website transfer is $30. This may seem an unpleasant news but there is always a way out. SiteGround did take away the manual website transfer service but they in exchange provide a free automated wordpress website transfer plugin. This plugin should in itself be able to take care of transferring your website from other hosting provider to SiteGround.

This plugin is available to all the hosting on all plans and you can transfer a website with it in just a few clicks. Here is a link to the WordPress Automatic Migrator plugin. It contains a detailed guide explaining how you can activate and use the plugin to transfer your website to SiteGround hosting.

You can always use the SiteGround provided website migration plugin or you can also use All in One WP Migration plugin.

There are multiple tutorials available on YouTube that can help you transfer your website with ease.

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